20th Annual West Coast Nonprofit Data Conference 

April 21-22, 2023

Day 1: Friday April 21, 2023

3:00 – 5:00pm

Registration, 112 Lillis Hall

3:30 4:30 pm

Pre-Conference workshop for PhD Students in 175 Lillis Hall

“How to Be a Good Reviewer” with Elizabeth Dale and Dyana Mason

4:30 5:00 pm

Welcome reception in 112 Lillis Hall

5:00 6:00 pm

Disaster Philanthropy Panel in 112 Lillis Hall

6:30 8:30 pm

Optional dinner at Hop Valley Brewing Co. $30/person, register here.

Vegetarian, vegan/dairy-free, and gluten free options available.

Transportation provided if needed, meet at 185 Lillis.

Day 2: Saturday, April 22

8:00 9:00 am

Breakfast in Location 221 Allen Hall

9:00 10:15 am

Session 1

Panel 1: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in 101 Allen Hall
  • Angela Addae (University of Oregon)

Unmarked Whiteness and the Racialization of the Social Entrepreneurship Sector

  • Shuyi Deng (University of Minnesota)

Intra-group and Inter-group Racial Disparities in Nonprofit Funding: Insights from Stratification Economics

  • Cheryl Ellenwood (Washington State University)

Theorizing Indigenous Organizations: Native American Nonprofits in the U.S.

Panel 2: Impacts of COVID-19 in 140 Allen Hall
  • Kirsten Grønbjerg (Indiana University)

The Impact of COVID-19 on Nonprofit Employment: How Good Are the Estimates

  • Thanh (Minnie) Hoang (University of Texas – Dallas)

Where Are We When The Communities Look For Us? The Social Network Analysis of the Case Study: #twitterfoodbank

  • Long Tran (The Ohio State University)

Anti-Asian Racism and Civic Engagement during COVID-19 among Asians in California

  • Jessica Word (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) and Marcus Lam (University of San Diego)

The Paycheck Protection Program loan data and identifying organizational sub-sectors using the Business Master File North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes crosswalk and string merge procedure

Panel 3: Cross-Sector Collaboration and Politics in 221 Allen Hall
  • Huirong Bi (University of Minnesota)

Government Funding and the Nonprofit Collaboration: Exploring the Moderating Role of Organizational Capacity

  • Renee Irvin (University of Oregon)

Need nonprofit data but you’re tired of the 990s? Introduction to the Australian Annual Information Statement data

  • Gonnie Park (University of Washington)

Which Nonprofits Become Government Contractors for Human Services? A Multidimensional and Multilevel Approach

  • Simon Shachter (University of Chicago)

Forming Political Connections: The Early Civil Society Networks of Political Elites in West Coast Cities

10:30 11:45 am

Session 2

Panel 1: Natural Disasters and Advocacy in 101 Allen Hall

  • Peiyao Li (Arizona State University)

Community Responses to a Natural Disaster: The Volunteering Behavior of Local Residents in Affected Regions

  • Megan Pontes (University of San Diego)

Measuring Impact: How A Human Service Nonprofit Organization Evaluates Their Advocacy for Social Change

  • Jennifer Rinella (Rockhurst University)

Understanding Today’s Nonprofit Job Market

  • Dr. Mark Preston (Mark Preston, Consulting)

Reformulating Karasek’s job demands control model: A moderated mediation analysis using nonprofit human service employees.

Panel 2: Theory in 140 Allen Hall
  • Mary Kay Gugerty (University of Washington)

Nonprofit Participation in Racialized Policy Fields

  • Ji Ma (University of Texas – Austin)

What academic scholarship of public administration attracts policymakers?

  • Danbi Seo (Arizona State University)

Time, timing, and temporal dynamics: Advancing research on nonprofit management through process studies

  • Joe Wheeler (University of Oregon)

Hand Out or Help Out: A Resource-Based View of Philanthropy

Panel 3: Financial Management and Fundraising in 221 Allen Hall
  • Shuyang Peng (University of Colorado, Denver)

Executive Transition in The Nonprofit Sector: The Trend and Financial Impacts

  • Tong Chen (Rutgers University)

Nonprofits’ Emotion-based Communication Strategies to Attract Donation via Social Media

  • Anubhav Gupta (National University of Singapore)

Do Nonprofits Report Pension Liabilities Fairly?

  • Renne Irvin (University of Oregon)

How Dark Is It? An Investigation of Dark Money Operations in U.S. Nonprofit Political Advocacy Organizations

  • Chengxin Xu (Seattle University)

How Does Commercial Income Treat Nonprofits Differently? A Resource Publicness Perspective

12:00 1:15 pm

Lunch in 221 Allen Hall

Keynote Speaker: Joe Galaskiewicz (University of Arizona)

What Theories Guide our Research? A Study of Nonprofit Organization

Research Over Time

Co-Authors: Yi Zhao (Stanford University) and Jennifer Lee (University of Arizona)

1:30 2:45 pm

Session 3

Panel 1: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in 101 Allen Hall
  • Elizabeth Dale (Seattle University)

Understanding intersectional identity, positionality, and motivations among social justice donors

  • Shuyi Deng (University of Minnesota)

Mapping BIPOC Nonprofits: A Review and Typology

  • Gonnie Park (University of Washington)

Unequally embedded: Neighborhood effects on organizational resources for community integration in five global cities

Panel 2: Impacts of COVID-19 in 140 Allen Hall
  • Kirsten Grønbjerg (Indiana University)

COVID-19 and the Impact of Payroll Protection Program Loans on Indiana Nonprofit Employers

  • Thanh (Minnie) Hoang (University of Texas – Dallas)

Staying Connected while Staying Distant: How Food Banks in Texas Engage with the Online Community during Crisis Outbreak

  • Zheng Yang (California State University, Dominguez Hills)

Managerial Networking in Time of Crisis: Does Networking Help Nonprofits to Recover from COVID-19 Disruption?

Panel 3: Professional Practices in 221 Allen Hall
  • Tiana Marrese

Longitudinal Analysis of Hourly Earnings for Nonprofit, Private, and Government Workers between 1994 and 2018

3:00 3:30 pm

Wrap Up in 221 Allen Hall

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