Where are they now?

The West Coast Nonprofit Data Conference is a forum for graduate students and established leaders in the field to discuss their research, new data sources, and innovative methods.  A number of scholars first attended the West Coast Nonprofit Data Conference as graduate students, and are now successful faculty and researchers in the field.

Do you consider yourself a graduate of the West Coast Nonprofit Data Conference?  Where are you now?  If you would like to be included among the conference graduates please contact info@westcoastnonprofitdata.org, including your current position, the first year you attended the West Coast Nonprofit Data Conference and from which institution, the central theme of your current research in the nonprofit sector, the most valuable or memorable aspects of the West Coast Nonprofit Data Conference, and other relevant biographical information that may be of interest to our colleagues in the field.

Jennifer A. Jones, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Nonprofit Management and Leadership, University of Florida, Dept. of Family, Youth and Community Sciences

I first attended as a doctoral student in 2012. I am now a faculty member at the University of Florida (assistant professor of nonprofit leadership and management). My main area of research is philanthropy, and I am also engaged in the scholarship of teaching and learning. I remember having key scholars in the field give me feedback at that first conference I attended, and that feedback bolstered me tremendously. I am grateful for my time at the conference and, even though I am now on the East coast, I still attend whenever my travel plans allow.