Accommodations and Travel Information

20th Annual West Coast Nonprofit Data Conference 

April 21-22, 2023

Travel to Eugene:

Eugene Airport: The Eugene Airport is a small airport located just 20 minutes from the University of Oregon. These flights may be more expensive and/or connecting. There are several ground transportation options available from the airport.

Portland International Airport: Portland is located 2 hours North of Eugene, but may offer cheaper flights. Rental cars are available to get you to and from Eugene. Groome Transportation also runs shuttle services to Portland from Eugene/UO Law School. 

Recommended Accommodations:

Hotel NameDistance from UOTime from UO
Hayward Inn.5 miles10 minute walk
Best Western.5 miles10 minute walk
Holiday Inn.8 miles20 minute walk
Timbers Inn
(located downtown)
1 mile20 minute walk
15 minute bus ride
7 minute drive
The Graduate
(located downtown)
1.3 miles30 minute walk
25 minute bus ride
10 minute drive
Tru by Hilton1.6 miles35 minute walk
15 minute bus ride
8  minute drive
La Quinta Inn & Suites2.9 miles9 minute drive
40 minute bus ride
Valley River Inn4.6 miles15 minute drive
35 minute bus

If you are interested in being paired up with a roommate please contact Sarah at

There are also many Airbnbs in the area that may be cheaper for groups or pairs. Reach out to Sarah if you are interested in forming a group.

Travel to UO:

If you choose to stay further away from campus, the EmX bus line is the most frequent and comprehensive bus route. This route is best for trips between downtown Eugene and campus (Dad’s Gate Station and Agate Station). Visit LTD for information on bus passes and routes.

Visit campus parking for more information on parking on campus and other recommended travel options.